How Can One Achieve Customer Satisfaction?


The topic of customer service as a vital instrument for success in business cannot be overstated in running any business at all. Having exceptional achievement in customer satisfaction has become a landmark for masses of businesses, whether global or local.

The whole intent of Customer Service goes beyond providing quality service, to becoming the foremost in customers’ thoughts. This can be achieved by showing extra care such as being friendly, flexible and ensuring that the customer is very satisfied with the service provided.

Doing this guarantees continual success, increased profits, general employee satisfaction, and fulfillment as well as customer satisfaction. Excellent customer service results in consumer satisfaction, returning customers and business growth; while poor customer service results in a lack of returning customers and a drop in business.

Customers consciously or unconsciously grade customer services received based on several qualities. The following are 5 out of several vital ways to succeed in customer satisfaction:

  • Friendliness – ability to be courteous and polite
  • Empathy – ability to understand the customer’s frustration or challenge with the service/product
  • Fairness – ability to give adequate attention to the customer and be fair to their needs
  • Control – Ability to make the customer feel their suggestions are welcome and have an influence on the outcome of decisions made regarding their complaints/challenge
  • Information – ability to be detailed in response to customer questions.

In short, successful customer service requires that Customer Service Executives have in-depth knowledge of products and services to provide answers to all the questions customers might ask. Leaders must learn to empower their employees by giving feedback on products and services, updates and the like; after all, good information is equally good service.

Comment below with your suggestions and any experiences you’ve gained in this respect.


I strongly agree with the outlined points. When made habitual, they go a long way in establishing rapport and creating a solution-oriented atmosphere that clients appreciate. These points also highlight the integrity of cs reps and more clients are inclined to be patient when issues are not getting solved on time.


Thank you for your input @Suhaida