How can you grow your eCommerce sales?


The ultimate goal of every eCommerce business is to increase sales and maximize profit. But how do you achieve that? In a saturated and competitive marketplace like the eCommerce world, things keep evolving. Merchants therefore need to always update their knowledge to help them beat competition to stay afloat.

Perhaps, you have been running your store for a while now but your revenue seems stuck and you are finding it difficult to grow your sales. Here are three (3) quick strategies to help you grow your eCommerce sales;

  1. Increasing website conversion rate
    Various factors can help improve your conversion rate. Below are some important strategies that will help you;
    • Create consistent brand that resonates with your target audience.
    • Leverage on product and social reviews to convince visitors to buy from you.
    • Optimize your website for a superb mobile experience.
    • Improve your site’s loading speed.
    • Use contextual and clear images.

  2. Develop steps in place to grow your store reviews
    • Make it easy for customers to leave reviews
    • Reward customers that leave reviews
    • Send a follow-up email to thank customers after sales and politely ask them to give you reviews.
    • Make it mobile first for customers to write reviews from their phones.
    • Habitually thank every reviewer.

  3. Increase the reach of your store
    • Write compelling content about your products
    • Share content on multiple social channels
    • Boost your SEO
    • Give free samples randomly to social influencers
    • Offer flexible payment options

All in all, you should continually learn new skills to help you grow your online business. So, start your year on a good note with clear and achievable goals that will make you stand out as an industry thought leader in eCommerce.