Keywords Research: Step by Step Processes to Help Your Online Store


A keyword is basically a word or set of words that your potential customers use to find your products on search results.

Therefore, your content should be crafted with specific keywords to help search engines to identify your site or your post. Merchants need to master the act of building relevant list of keywords they can refer to in crafting blog post and product description. A tool such as Google’s Keyword Planner Tool allows merchants to do a keyword research to determine the search volume of keywords as well as get keyword ideas.

Below are step by step processes to help you in your keyword research journey;

Step 1: Create a Keyword worksheet
I. Create link to the worksheet with Excel/Google sheet to list and organize your keywords.

Step 2: Begin searching for the keywords
I. Find the frequently searched keywords from Google
II. Use keyword tools such as to add more keywords to your list

Step 3: Choose the primary keyword and separate the secondary keywords.
I. Primary keywords are used to describe the web page as well as help people locate the site.
II. Secondary keywords play supporting role of increasing the chances of attracting additional visitors to site.

Step 4: Use Long-tail keywords.
I. Long-tail keywords contain at least three words.
II. They are more specific and often less competitive than generic keyword terms.

Step 5: How to use the Keywords:
I. Add keywords to areas such as page titles, meta descriptions, ALT tags and a page’s body content. For the URL, use the primary keyword only.

Keywords define a page or a post and are very important for your online business. This is because users search products on search engines using keywords.