Kudobuzz Answer and Win Challenge


Do you own an online store or are you an eCommerce enthusiast? You could win some cool prizes from Kudobuzz by taking part in this quick quiz.

Answer the following question and get the chance to win $50 worth of discount on our social review app’s premium plans.

Question: Briefly explain how customer reviews can help convince a site visitor to make a purchase.

How to take part & wiin.

  1. Log into www.hackcommerce.com/kudobuzz-answer-and-win-challenge and provide your answer.
  2. The answer should not exceed 200 words.
  3. The answer should be in a clear simple language devoid of ambiguity.
  4. The promo ends on 5:00 PM Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), Thursday, January 31, 2019.
  5. Five selected quiz winners shall be contacted via email
  6. A full list of the winners and the answers they provided shall be published on www.hackcommerce.com and all our social media channels soon after the announcement of winners.
  7. Provide a valid email address at the bottom of your answer.
  8. Participants should add the hastag hackcommercequiz (#hackcommercequiz) at the bottom of their answer.