Paid or Organic Advertising?


By popular request, I decided to post on this topic.
Before any business starts operating, there’s a decision to advertise as part of the business plan. Now, which one to opt for is somewhat a tough decision for most entrepreneurs.

Any type of campaign that informs potential customers about a product or service is a form of advertisement. Usually, this practice involves a strategic set of ideas that are executed in order to capture the minds of a target audience. In some instances, it occurs naturally without any prior planning; whereas in others, carefully laid down concepts involving payments to some third parties are arranged.

Organic advertisement is usually related to word of mouth and other strategies like SEO campaigns. In this regard, most companies take advantage of social media platforms in conveying their service and benefits to their audience. Where SEO is involved, a website undergoes certain tactics to increase it’s online visibility in search engine’s unpaid results.
On the other hand, paid advertisement typically involves the use of newspaper, billboards, radio or television ads and etc. However, note that, although social media platforms are free for all to advertise, these platforms also have payment options for running ad campaigns for your job market.

Still confused about which one to go in for?
They both have their distinct pros. Organic is definitely free and not expensive. Word of mouth that reaches a large number of people can have a company extending information to lots of potential clients with virtually no cost involved.
Paid advertising is a way to help a company brand itself in a way it wants to; in that, it controls the kind of information about products and services that get out there. There is also control over the audience reach.

To conclude, each of the above has an instance where one will supersede the other. Be strategic, carefully study the type that will be best for your situation and make your decision based on that.