Why Google may not be indexing your site


Getting your site ranked on search engines is very critical to the success of online businesses. This ensures customers can easily find the site organically on search results. But getting ranked on search engines does not just happen; it involves taking appropriate steps to ensure your site is seen by search engines.

Below are some possible reasons why Google may not be indexing your site;

Your site hasn’t been found yet

For a site to be optimized for search engines, it has to be indexed; sometimes it takes months for Google to find a site. You can resolve this by submitting your site manually.

Blocking Google from accessing your site

It can also happen that you have unintentionally blocked Google from accessing your site. To check this, go to robots.txt file. If you see something like what’s below, then it means Google has been blocked from crawling your site:
You can resolve the situation by removing this code from the file.

Confusing keywords

Search engines have robots also called “crawlers” or “spiders,” that crawl your site and make meaning out of your content to index it. So if your site title and meta description are not well written or if there is too much duplicate content on your site, Google may not index it.

AJAX/JavaScript issues

Even though, Google indexes JavaScript and AJAX, these languages are not as easily indexable as HTML. So, if by any chance you incorrectly configure your AJAX pages and JavaScript execution, Google will not index the page.

Your site doesn’t have a sitemap.xml

Every website should have a sitemap.xml, which is a simple list of directions that Google follows to index your site. So if your site doesn’t have a sitemap, Google cannot index it.

You’ve turned on your privacy settings

If you have a WordPress site, you may have accidentally kept the privacy settings on. If this happens, Google may not find your site to index it.


Your site may not be ranking on search engines for a number of reasons as stated above. The good news is that there are tools out there that can help you resolve such challenges. The SEO doctor app can identify and help resolve many of the issues mentioned