Why Negative Reviews May Not be Necessarily Bad


Reviews are very important for the success of online businesses. Merchants, therefore, strive to get as many five-star reviews as possible with the hope that it will enhance their site’s positive outlook. But sometimes online businesses are plagued with negative reviews — leaving them frustrated and worn-out.

Instead of living into constant fright of negative reviews, perhaps it’s time to change your perception about the few negatives at your store. In fact, negative reviews are not necessarily bad.

Here are some reasons why negative reviews may not be necessarily bad;

1. It shows you’re genuine business

Every business or product has at least a few flaws. Therefore customers sometimes expect to see some few negative reviews. Therefore when they come to your store and do not see any, it leads them to doubt whether such information is wholly true. Ironically, a negative review builds trust. A few bad nuts won’t necessarily sway people from buying your product. In fact, Less than 1% of consumers leave a retailer site after seeing one badly-reviewed product

2. It’s an opportunity to improve customer service

Bad reviews present a learning opportunity to understand your customers’ concerns. Lending a listening ear will help you identify what you’re not doing right, and how you can make improvements. This will delight your existing customers and enhance business growth. Perhaps, some features about a product are not the best so a negative review will help you pay more attention to the product.

3. It’s an opportunity to engage customers

When customers leave negative reviews, it is an opportunity to reach out to them and engage them to understand their concerns better. Sometimes, it could happen that a customer fails to read or follow some simple instructions on the use of a product. Responding to negative reviews in a proactive and polite manner can reassure your customers that you are sensitive to their feedback.

4. It helps customers to make informed decisions

Displaying both positive and negative reviews on your site serve as a guide for your customers in making an informed purchase decision. Sometimes a product may not be the appropriate type for a customer, so negative reviews which details the features of a product can guide the next customer to make the right purchase decision.

5. Consumers don’t only look at reviews in making purchase decisions

Customers consider many factors in making purchase decisions. A few negative reviews do not necessarily mean customers will stop buying from you. It only becomes a big deal when the ratio of negative reviews far outweighs the positive ones.


Positive reviews are good but having a few negative reviews on your store may not be necessarily bad as explained above. So don’t panic by the negative reviews that trickle in. Instead, leverage on it to help you grow. There are tools such as the Social Review app which can help you increase the reviews your business gets.